Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Mother's Kitchen - Indian Mithai Mela

Kalyani is hosting this event

My Mother's kitchen # 2 : Indian Mithai Mela - send in your sinfully sweet entries..


Her  first edition was MMK- My Mother's Kitchen (One Pot Meals) , now she present here the 2nd edition of MMK with the theme "Indian Mithai Mela" .. With the Indian festive season around the corner, these entries would be a one-stop shop roundup soon :)

Running from today 9th July - 10th Aug , please do link in your entries based on Indian Sweets like kheer / laddoos / barfis / jalebis / pedas /Halwas etc 

Even archived entries linked to this announcement are accepted !!   Do earmark all your entries as MMK - Mithai Mela while telling your blogger friends a line or two why the dish is your favourite. 
email ID is momchef77(at)gmail(dot)com

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