Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Herbs and Flowers - Garlic

Event start:1st Aug
Event end: Sep 15th 2011
Event Hosted by:  self hosting
Event blog: Zesty palette
Event logo:

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Fasting foods - Vrat Ka Khaana Special

Event start:1st Aug
Event end: 30th sept 2011
Event Hosted by: Self hosting
Event blog: its not madrasi
Event logo:

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Giveaway september 2011

Food palette series black

Event start:1st Aug
Event end: 30th sept 2011
Event Hosted by: Self hosting
Event blog: Torview toranto
Event logo:

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Flavors of South India

Event start:1st Aug
Event end: 31st Aug
Event Hosted by: Nayna
Event blog: Simply sensational
Event logo:

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Converted Foods event (CFE) # 1

Event start: Now
Event End: 11th  sept 2011
Event hosted by Pradnya
Event blog: The Pumpkin Farm Food

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dish Name Starts with J hosted by Akila at Learning-to-cook

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dish Name Starts with J

The dish can be Veg or Non - Veg (except beef or pork).
To Participate in this Event
Post your Recipe – whose name starts with letter J from now to Sep 10th
 with a link to this Event. Any no. of old and new posts are accepted for this event.
Grace period of 5 more days will be given.

Non bloggers send me mail with a photo of your recipe.
Mail your entry to with the following details

Subject: Dish Name Starts with J

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:

Attach Photo/url of your dish.

Roundup will be posted in August Mid.

I believe my lovely fellow bloggers give support and encouragement as my previous events in form of entries to make the event a big success.

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives

posted by Akila at Learning-to-cook

Reposting for Events-Lets Get Stuffed Series- Bell Peppers or Capsicum posted by Archana at The Mad Scientist's Kitchen!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Round Up of the COOK IT HEALTHY:PROTEINicious event

Event- Fusion Food -pasta

The Italian origin Pasta is finding its place in more and more Indian homes now. Pasta is also a favourite among kids. Coming to the event, this theme is all about the fusion recipes you could make with Pasta.  The fusion could be with Indian, Chinese or any other cuisine you like.

Event guidelines

1. Cook any dish of your choice with any variety of pasta or spaghetti and post the recipe on your blog between Aug 1-Aug 31, 2011.
2. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian entries are allowed.
3. Multiple entries are allowed. Archived entries are welcome, but limited to two entries from the archive.
4. Please add a link back to this event announcement and also use the event logo given above. Archived entries also should be updated with the link and logo.
5. Non-bloggers can also send in the entries.

Send in your entries to with the subject as Fusion Food: Pasta and include the following details

Your name:
Name of your blog:
Blog URL:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
Photo of the recipe: 

So, put on your aprons, take some pasta and toss in your favourite sauces, herbs and spices...

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Event cooking concepts#2- Appetizers

Srav's culinary concepts has announced event:
Start: Aug-1st
End Aug-31st

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Dish it Out : Tomato and Chilli

Event hosted by:
Reva of kaarasaaram
Event end: AUG 31st

1.The two ingredients mentioned  for this month should be used in the same dish. Of course other ingredients are added to prepare the dish but we should be able to taste the flavour of tomato and chilli in the final outcome.

2.Only vegetarian and vegan dishes are allowed. Eggs are allowed only in baking.

3.Recipes must be linked to this announcement page and Vardhini's announcement page .

4.Archived entries must be reposted with all the links.

5.Please do include the logo in your post as it helps spread the word. Use either one of the two logos.

6.Multiple entries are welcome dearies:)

7.Non bloggers , do send in your entries to the email id given below and I will post it for you in my blog.

Send in your entries to with "Dish it Out - Tomato and Chilli" in the subject line  in the following format by August 31st 2011.

Blog name:
Recipe name:
Recipe Url:
Picture [please limit to 400 pixels]

"Herbs and Flowers: Basil"

Event Hosted by: Reva at Kaarasaaram 
End date: August 15th.
This herb speaks volumes of Italian cuisine.... lovely distinct flavour and the aroma is just wonderful....Here are some guidelines:

1.Cook and blog about a dish which features basil. If you can't find fresh basil, use dried ones. Remember "Basil" has to be the main ingredient and not like garnish.

2. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes accepted.

3.Although this series is about recipes, you are welcome to share the following : growing basil, tips on freezing or storing them, non-culinary uses that have been tried and tested by you like cosmetic uses , home remedies, crafts etc. you can also share some interesting facts about basil.

4.Link your post to this announcement page and PJ's announcement page : 

5.Please kindly include the logo which helps spread the word.

6.Send in as many entries as you wish. Archives are welcome...just link it with this announcement page and PJ's announcement page.

7.Last date for sending the recipes is August 15th 2011.

8.Send in your entries to with "Herbs and Flowers:Basil" in the subject line  with the following details:

        Your name and blog name
         Recipe and Url
         Picture of the dish [please resize your images to 500pixels]
9.Non blogger are welcome to participate. Send your recipes to the above email id and I will post it for you in my blog.
So my dear friends, do send me all your lovely recipes and make this event a grand success. I am really looking foward for all your support and encouragement :))

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Healthy Cooking Challenge: Lunchbox

Event hosted by: Anamika Arun @ taste junction
Event start: 1AUG
Event end: 31AUG

Healthy Cooking Challenge - Healthy Lunchbox
(1st August - 31st August, '11)

Here’s how Healthy Cooking Challenge(HCC) works:
  • Post your recipe on your blog during the event’ schedule dates.
  • Old entries which are re posted during the event schedule dates are allowed.
  • Only vegetarian recipes please , though use of eggs is ok.
  • No deep fried recipes please.
  • You must provide a link to this event announcement page and to Smita'a announcemet page
  • I would appreciate if you use the above logo for your post,It helps to spread the word , though it is not mandatory.
  • The round up of the events will be posted on both Smita's and my blog.
Make a meal suitable to the theme of month and send an email with the subject - HCC: Lunchbox, to the e-mail ID -,  with the following details:
  • Your name-
  • Blog's name- 
  • Name of the recipe-
  • Link to your post-
  • Picture of the recipe-
Also wanted to let you know that HCC is open for hosting, so any of you eager to join this Healthy chain, simply write to Smita at -

Healthy Lunch box Ideas-3rd edition-Theme Carrots

Event hosted by: Kalyani from ITSNOTMADRASI
Event start time:Now
Event ends: Aug 31st

My event - Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (HLI) is in its third edition now, and this month's theme isCarrots. Carrots are a super source of beta carotene and great for eyesight, along with providing nutrition and vitamins. So, put on your thinking hats to dish out super healthy recipes using Carrots as the main Ingredient.

For more information, do check out the link on HLI here and send in your healthy entries  to me  till August 31st. Non bloggers also may send in their recipes along with the pictures 

My email ID with the mail subject as HLI - Carrots

Just a quick recap of how you could send in your delicious and healthy entries : 

1) Vegetarian entries allowed, although eggs may be used for baking (my personal choice would be if you can suggest egg substitutes too !)
2) Archived entries (max of 3) allowed as long as re-posted and linked to this event. Fresh entries most welcome. Both need to have the logo mandatory (Please attach the updated event Logo in this announcement)
3) Entries can be for Kids' snacks or lunchbox items or even after school bites / dinner options in steamed / grilled / tossed / stir fry methods for main course / side dishes / snacks. Deep fried entries not accepted, as the theme itself is "Healthy Lunchbox Ideas".


Event - BERRIES - Strawberry - Desserts

Event Hosted by: Anu from Anu's healthy kitchen
Event start: Aug 1st
Event end: Aug 31st

Berries are the crown jewels of summer, the gems that inspire pies,
parfaits, cobblers, ice cream treats, and whipped cream wonders. 
Best of all, berries deliver super-healthy antioxidants that help 
fight disease.
You can make any recipe from which can be a Dessert/Sweet
...the main in
ingredient should be the strawberry in your recipe. 
Strawberries you use can be fresh, frozen, dried etc., you can make 
vegetarian or non-vegetarian recipes.

Add a line or two as to why you like this berry, 
Nutritional Information about the berry, Homemade 
Beauty Tips like Face Packs, Scrubs etc., and Weight Loss Tips 
with the berry you used in your recipe.
This event goes on, so this time she use these berry theme with different menu categories like appetizer, snack, entree, juice/milkshakes, ice cream/sorbets, dessert/sweets etc., and you need to choose one berry like Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Gooseberry etc.,....
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Giveaway- "Luscious Lemon Desserts” by Lori Longbotham.

“Luscious Lemon Desserts” by Lori Longbotham.
This cookbook is essential for any lemon lover. It shows off how versatile the lemon is with recipes ranging from cookies & pies to puddings & drinks.
You will be sure to have a Delicious Dessert, with Lemon being the star!
Looking forward to your Delicious Lemon Dessert Recipes!
E-mail to CookEatDelicious (at) gmail (dot) com, If you are interested in hosting future monthly “Cook.Eat.Delicious-Desserts!” events.

Event- Premier! Cook. Eat.Delicious- Desserts

Cook Ear Delicious has announced an event in her blog.

 The event runs from August 1st – 31st.

Polls will be open September 1st-4th, to vote for the Lemon Dessert Recipe with the most Delicious appeal!
Round-up & Winner announcement will be posted on September 5th.
Here are the RULES:
1. Cook up any dessert your heart desires, with LEMON being the star.
2. Link back to this announcement  in your blog post. (Use of logo is optional but appreciated)
3. New entries are preferred, with archived ones being re-posted.
4.One Entry per blog.
5. Non-bloggers are welcome to send in their entry. Please attach a photo & full recipe.
6. Post a comment in this post after emailing me!
Please email your submission by August 31st, 2011 to CookEatDelicious (at) gmail (dot) com with “CEDD 1″ in the subject line and the following information:
Your Name:
Your Location:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
1 Dessert Photo

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