Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do I Host a Blog Event?

The number of bloggers are growing leaps and bounds each year especially food bloggers in past three years, despite the fact that the number of food blog events has also grown by leaps and bounds during that time. I have certainly learned a few things from the day since I started blogging, so here are some of my thoughts on running a blogging event.
1. About the Links
True, when you're organizing a blogging event people will be linking to you and you'll be linking to them, which is a good thing. But events that are mainly focused on getting links are not going to last. In my opinion, events which are most successful will be about sharing information, having fun, and building good will among the community more than anything else.
2.Host Manner
When people are entering a blogging event, they deserve to be acknowledged and thanked promptly in the same way you would acknowledge and thank someone if they gave you a gift. As host and creator of event, spend some time every week visiting the blogs of who enters. Try to respond as soon as someone sends me their entry, so there's no doubt I have received it.
3. Keep Rules, But Be Flexible
As host of a blogging event, you should assume that people are giving you their best efforts. Bloggers can be notoriously bad at following directions, so you'll need a few rules about what qualifies as an entry, when the deadline is, and possibly linking protocol. But try to be flexible, especially with people who are newish bloggers who honestly just don't know what to do.
4. About Event Archeving
You probably don't need to maintain an archives for events which are just about sharing photos. But if the event contains content people might like to refer to, or things that might be found by Google, create some kind of organized area in the archives, linked from your main page, so that people can come back later and find something they saw earlier.
5. How this event benefit others
I said it earlier, but I will repeat it again: the long term success of any blogging event is due to the quality of the entries more than anything one person does. Literally hundreds of people who've told me how much they look forward to reading the interesting posts each week. It's the value that people are getting from it that makes the event continue to be a success.

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  1. Very useful da..thankyou so much

  2. Thanks for the tip...will bear these in mind if at all I create any event!!



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