Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food Alert- Do not drink bitter bottle gourd juice

I was really shocked when I read this news. A deputy Secretary of CSIR was found dead when he drank bitter bottle gourd juice. So, friends be aware of this juice. I already know few of my relatives who take this juice early in the morning. Please do not follow any baba's blindly, every medicine that you take should be test proof. Take care of your self. Take the doctor's advice first if you are using any new medicine/ health drink/ ayurvedic medicine.

Click here to read the full length article on Bitter Bottle gourd Juice death

Monday, June 27, 2011

Event round up-Fun N Sun 2

New folder-1
This round up part is composed of variety of shakes and smoothies which is not only fun to have during the hot summers but also makes for an interesting breakfast option. 
Look over this event by clicking here

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Event round up-Fun N Sun

 by Radhika at Tickling Palates 
It's a huge success, look sjust like all colours and flavors are at one place :)
good going radhika :)

Event A.W.E.D -Mexican

Event Start: Now
Event End: June 31
Event started by: DK @ chef in you
Event hosted by: Smita @ My Tasty Treats

 guidelines for the event:

  • Make any Vegetarian dish – be it Appetizer, Main Course or Dessert. (Eggs & Dairy are allowed).
  • Multiple Entries are Welcome.
  • Include a link in your post to this announcement and to DK's A.W.E.D Menu page
  • If you have recipes that are already posted, Please re-post and include a link to this announcement and DK's menu page.
  • Use of Logo is appreciated if used. (Helps to spread the word)
Email me @ with the following information.
1.    Name
2.    Blog Name
3.    Entry Name
4.    Course Name: Is it an Appetizer, Main course, Dessert, Salad etc
5.    URL
6.    picture (size does not matter)


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Event- Healthy luch box Ideas

Event Start: 1 June
Event end: 30 June

This event runs from 1st - 30th June 2011 and a brief note on how the entries should be sent is as follows.

1. Cook and blog about a vegetarian dish for kids featuring "Broccoli". Entries can focus on kids' snacks or lunchbox items or after-school light bites. We are talking about healthy food, so no deep fried entries please. Although grilled/tossed/stir fry items are welcome.
2. Also, no archived entries since the challenge is to come up with fresh lunchbox ideas. Now do send in your archived posts too !!
3. Vegetarian entries only. (Eggs can be used in baking)
4. Use of the logo and linking back to this event announcement and to Kalyani's original announcement is mandatory.
5. Non bloggers are also welcome to send in their entries to the given email ID. 
6. Any number of entries can be sent.

Please send in your entries with the subject "Healthy Lunchbox Ideas - Broccoli" by 30th June 2011 to with the following info.

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
Recipe Photo (Please limit to max 400 pixels)

EVENT- Dish It Out

Dish it Out - Spinach and Garlic - Event Announcement

Event Start:From now
Event end: June 30
Hosted by: Vardhini

The rules for the "Dish it Out" are:
1. All the ingredients mentioned must be used in one dish. Ingredients not on the list can also be used, but we should be able to taste the mentioned ingredients.
2. Only vegetarian or vegan recipes please. Eggs are allowed in baking.
3. Usage of the logo is appreciated. (Use any one)
4. Recipes must be linked to this event announcement page and to the host's announcement page if hosted by a guest. If sending an old entry, it needs to be re-published with the links.
5. You can send in any number of entries.
6. Non bloggers can also send in their recipes to the email below.

Please send in your entries with the subject "Dish it Out - Spinach and Garlic" by 30th June 2011 to with the following info.

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Recipe Name:
Recipe URL:
Recipe Photo (Please limit to max 400 pixels)


Monday, June 20, 2011

Event Round up - Drive me Nuts

Yeah!!! it really driving me nuts!!!!!
Look  Event round up @ Taste Juction by Anamika...the entries will give a lovely treat for your eyes!!!!!
Good going anamika!!! I appreciate the contestants!!!!!!
Click here to have a look 

Event- Salad Spread


Anamika from taste junction is hosting this event.

How to Enter:
Any form of salad is accepted (no pork, beef please). Eggs are welcome!
Usage of the event logo would be appreciated.
You can send any number of recipes. If sending an old recipe, it needs to be re posted.
Both new and old recipes should be linked back to this event page.
Send in your entries with the subject of "Salad Spread”, by 30th July, 2011 with the following details:
Your Name :
Blog Name :
Recipe Name :
Recipe URL :
Recipe Photo :
Even non bloggers can send their entries at the e mail mentioned above.

Click HERE to for more details

Friday, June 17, 2011

Event Announcement- COOK IT HEALTHY

Shoba shyam say's "GOOD FOOD is all about healthy cooking. I am always trying to come up with recipes which are cooked in a better way, so that we can eat them whole heartedly. So I thought of coming up with an event which stress on healthy food. So the event is "COOK IT HEALTHY" ".
event start:17 june

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I'm the winner of Foodie blog roll contest!!!!!!!!!

Spread the Word & Comment to Win a $25 or $50 Gift Certificate to Cultures For Health
wow!! I'm on cloud nine...
I just got a mail that I won a gift for the contest I have participated in foodie blog roll...
I already mentioned about this contest.
to stay connected with event s and contests plz follow my blog FOOD BLOG NEWS...
you can watch here 
I'm the winner of third round...just comment and win....

Stay connected with the contests and more bloging new just by following my blog :)

The Blog Engage Monthly Guest Blogging Contest June 2011

Blog Engage RSS Syndication Subscription Service Bronze Membership
Hi everyone and welcome to The Blog Engage Monthly Guest Blogging Contest for June 2011.
Blog Engage will launching a new contest every 30 days until the end of 2011. On the fifteenth of each month we will announce the previous months winners and award all the cash prizes.

Contest Start Date

June 01 2011

Contest End Date

June 30 2011
Click here to go to this contest
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My dear fellow foodies,
 I know every one have registered for foodie blog roll and placed that beautiful badge on your blog at the corner. But how many are you aware of foodie contests go and check the contests form in foodie blog roll, just comment/tweet/like in face book/ spread a word.
Spread the Word & Comment to Win a FBR Tote Bag - June 2011
Spread the Word & Comment to Win a $25 or $50 Gift Certificate to Cultures For Health
Click HERE to go to that link. ThnQ for stopping by... Plz Come back again :) DD

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Winner of Sanyuta's creative bloggy B'day give away

Friends we all know about Sanyuta's fro her creative carving and wonderful clicks. Few days back she hosted a boggy b'day give away contest on her first blogging b'day.She picked up a random winner and the lucky winner is well known  Priya of MharoRajasthan'sRecipe
The Winner of the Giveaway gets 2 Nonstick Knives with Safeguard and a Bamboo Cutting board.Congrats!!!!! priya.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do I Host a Blog Event?

The number of bloggers are growing leaps and bounds each year especially food bloggers in past three years, despite the fact that the number of food blog events has also grown by leaps and bounds during that time. I have certainly learned a few things from the day since I started blogging, so here are some of my thoughts on running a blogging event.
1. About the Links
True, when you're organizing a blogging event people will be linking to you and you'll be linking to them, which is a good thing. But events that are mainly focused on getting links are not going to last. In my opinion, events which are most successful will be about sharing information, having fun, and building good will among the community more than anything else.
2.Host Manner
When people are entering a blogging event, they deserve to be acknowledged and thanked promptly in the same way you would acknowledge and thank someone if they gave you a gift. As host and creator of event, spend some time every week visiting the blogs of who enters. Try to respond as soon as someone sends me their entry, so there's no doubt I have received it.
3. Keep Rules, But Be Flexible
As host of a blogging event, you should assume that people are giving you their best efforts. Bloggers can be notoriously bad at following directions, so you'll need a few rules about what qualifies as an entry, when the deadline is, and possibly linking protocol. But try to be flexible, especially with people who are newish bloggers who honestly just don't know what to do.
4. About Event Archeving
You probably don't need to maintain an archives for events which are just about sharing photos. But if the event contains content people might like to refer to, or things that might be found by Google, create some kind of organized area in the archives, linked from your main page, so that people can come back later and find something they saw earlier.
5. How this event benefit others
I said it earlier, but I will repeat it again: the long term success of any blogging event is due to the quality of the entries more than anything one person does. Literally hundreds of people who've told me how much they look forward to reading the interesting posts each week. It's the value that people are getting from it that makes the event continue to be a success.

(Parts of this post reviously published at

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some Links where you can post your recipes and increase your traffic

Food Gawker
 -I found this in the iphone app...Great photos and lovely look will attract more traffic every day.
Recipes2Share - Contains a gallery, but not as elegantly executed.
GroupRecipes - I like to browse GroupRecipes' gallery of awesome photos. These are just recipes located on their site, however; they can't be submitted from other blogs.
• Open Source Food -A slightly more good community that includes recipes.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Contest that can make you win $50

While browsing for some information on net I found this contest.
I do not know weather it is true or not, i just thought to participate in this.
Just you need to answer a simple question by JUNE 17th then through random selection they will announce a winner. The winner will recive a 50$ worth gift card through which you can shop for men only( this is not fair isn't it!!!)...any way you can buy for your dad, bro or sweet heart. :)
All the best!!!
Here is the link Check it out:

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lets Go Stuffed Series- LGSS

Event Announcement- Show and Tell blog- Theme PANNER ( Indian Cheese)
Event start- Now
Event End- june 30
 "Let's Go Stuffed Series - LGSS"-is a monthly food blogging event open to any one, with a new theme each month.
Recipes can be from all around the world but the condition is that they should be stuffed with a themed ingredient It may be a snack, bread, Vegetable, fruit or dessert. Theme for this month is paneer.
This is open for hosting by others too. If you want to host for a month, please leave me a comment with your Email-id or write me

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Congratulations to hetal and anuja!!!!!!!!!!!

Who dosen't know about Hetal and Anuja of Their visitors reached 23million, for just 429 video posts.
The article is listed in FORBES magazine.
Click HERE for more news

Monday, June 6, 2011

Letz Relishh…Ice Creams

Jay of  "Tasty appetite" is hosting and event Letz Relishh…Ice Creams  
Event start time: Now
Ends: June 20th

Know where to Send your entries by clicking here

The Series - Friendship Chain

The Series - Friendship Chain
This chain is starting from 1st of June 2011.

Note: Since this is by invitation only, if you are interested in being a part of this, please send a mail to me stating your speciality (either cuisine or dish) and mail at
Click HERE for more details.

Drive me nuts

Anamika from Taste Junction conducts an event Drive me Nuts
Event start time: may 10th
Event end time: june 10th
Ongoing Event
friends so 4 days's to go!!!!!!!!
be fast and send your entries......all the best :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Food Blog Events- 2011

Event Name:
Gutsy Cooks

Hosting Blog:
Theme: The Illustrated Kitchen Bible by Victoria Blashford-Snell

Start Date: now
Deadline: 31 December 2013

A weekly cook-a-long for those that want to be Gutsy! in the kitchen cooking from The Illustrated Kitchen Bible by Victoria Blashford-Snell.

Every week a menu is posted and Gutsy cooks choose to cook 1, 2 or all dishes posted in the menu. Then you blog about your experience every Sunday night. Come and cook along with this fun group - be Gutsy!

Click here to find details

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Blog Events- June 2011

Event Name:
Invite a Blogger to your Table

Hosting Blog:
More Than Burnt Toast

Theme: Try a recipe with a blogger friend

Event Start Date: now
Event Deadline: ongoing

Your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to "Invite a Blogger to Your Table"! This is a fun event and an outlet for us each to challenge ourselves and create stronger bonds within the blogging community. Nothing is more intimate, or more effective at creating friendships than cooking and sharing meals together, even it is virtually. But hey, if you live in the same area as another blogger what's to stop you from gathering in your own kitchen for this challenge.

Choose a dish to prepare and invite 1(one) blogger to create that dish with you. You can source your recipe from a cookbook, magazine, blog or any other source. Your dish can be sweet or savoury; easy or complicated.

Decide upon a date that you can both mutually post your recipe within a 4 week time frame.

Details can be found here

So foodie's get ready :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Gayathri's cook spot- Hosting CWS pumpkin seeds

EVENT: CWS (cooking with seeds) - Pumpkin Seeds
Host: Gayathri
Started by:Priya of Priya's Easy and Tasty Recipes.
Starting time:now
End time: 30 June

Simple Rules to send your entries:
1. Prepare anything vegetarian.
2. Please avoid eggs because this is an egg free blog.
3. Link your post to my event announcement page and Priya's announcement page.
4. Archieved posts are also accepted. Please update it with the event announcement link.
5. Any number of entries are accepted.
6. Please send me a mail to in the following format:
 Your Name
 Your Blog's Name
 Your Dish
 URL of the dish
7. You don't have to send the photo. I will take it from your blog while posting the round up.

A Chocolate Recipe and a Chocolate Book(Giveaway)


Corn Flakes Chocolate
"I want to share a few words with you..This is my 100th post..I thank all of my friends who supported me..Thankyou guys.I truly believe that you guys deserve something,So I  planned to have a Giveaway in my blog..I am going to give you a Cookbook,it is Tarla Dalal’s “THE CHOCOLATE COOKBOOK”...If you love chocolates this one is for you..This book has recipes like mango truffle cake, chocolate apple pie and many more..
If you like to participate in this giveaway,just do the following...

1)Follow my blog(the follow button is in the top right side of my blog)
2)Like me in Facebook(click here)
3)Follow me in Twitter(click here)(not compulsary)
4)Leave a comment in this post..or leave a comment in my facebook page.
5)Write about this giveaway in your blog..(not compulsary)

I will pick any one of you randomly and send you this book..Deadline for this giveaway is June-12 /2011.Lets see who get it... All the best everyone.."
 So foodies get ready to participate :)

Palate Corner

SO come on lovely people ,wear your thinking aprons on & get started with delicious rajasthani delicacies ....

pls.note : the source of information has been googled and picked up from various sites .


Following are the rules of the event :

1.Cook any dish which belongs to the state of Rajasthan between 1st jun to 31st jul 2011.
2. Since this blog is a vegeterian & " eggfree " blog so please all the entries( recipes/ dishes) should be vegeterian and eggless .No eggs in the baking goodies too :))
3. Multiple entries are more then welcomed.Archieved entires are also allowed but please do repost them with the link backs and logo.
4.Please try and put the logo in your post as it helps to spread a word about the ongoing event.
5.Please link back ur entries to nayna's event post as well this event annoucement post .
6.Bloggers do mail me all your entries with "Flavours Of Rajasthan " as a subject with the following details : -
Your name
Name of your blog
Name of the dish
Recipe link
Picture of the dish not more then 300 px.
7.Non- bloggers can just mail me the recipe name,recipe and a picture (not larger then 300px)  please on

Show and Tell

Event Announcement
Apart from this, I would like to use this opportunity to announce a new Food Event Series - where we will be showcasing all type of stuffed food. I am naming this as "Let's Go Stuffed Series - LGSS". Let's Go Stuffed Series - is a monthly food blogging event open to any one, with a new theme each month.
Recipes can be from all around the world but the condition is that they should be stuffed with a themed ingredient It may be a snack, bread, Vegetable, fruit or dessert. Theme for this month is paneer.
This is open for hosting by others too. If you want to host for a month, please leave me a comment with your Email-id or write me

Torview Toranto- Food palette series purple

Event :Food palette series purple

Till: July 15th 2011
Torview author say's "Food palette series Purple is here with a wonderful Cavena giveaway. You have seen me using it, now you have a chance of winning it.

<a href=""> <img src="" width="150" height="150"></a>

Please put a link to the event with the logo on your post.
No dishes with alcohol or pork ingredients
End product or ingredients used  can be 
purple (blueberries, figs, purple potatoes, purple asparagus etc.)
Maximum 2 per blog, new post is preferred but archived are welcome

Use the linky list below in my blog or email me the URL of your post I will add the picture of your post below.

Event is open to all from all over the world. Due to shipping giveaway is for USA and Canada."
Friends get ready for the purple marathon
Click here for more details

Krithis Kitchen

Event:Healing Foods - Event announcement

Start date: Now
End date: Jun 30
Krithi Say's "I am very excited to guest host Healing Foods event for this month.
This is a wonderful event started by Siri of Cooking with Siri.
 And any guesses on what food I chose for this month's theme... 
Yes, It is "Banana". 
Banana is a favorite fruit for most of us. 
It serves as an instant storehouse of energy due to its carbohydrates 
content and is rich in iron, vitamins, potassium and fiber.
 It is also a natural antacid and provides a cooling effect to
 the body, much needed in this summer. It is one of the
 three royal fruits (Mukkani - meaning three fruits) in Tamil literatures. 
The three royal fruits are Maa (Mango), Palaa 
(Jackfruit) and Vaazhai (Banana).
Almost all part of the banana plant is edible or has its uses. The trunk(stem), 
blossom (flower), plantain (raw banana), banana (fruit) are used as food. 
The banana leaves are traditionally used to serve food and are also used 
as eco-friendly plates."

The Darling Kitchen

Event Name:
The Daring Bakers 
The Daring Cooks 

Hosting Blog:
The Daring Kitchen

Theme: Check website on reveal date.

Daring Bakers Reveal Date: 27th June 2011
Daring Cooks Reveal Date: 14th June 2011

Details can be found here

Anyone can Cook

Event Name:
Anyone Can Cook 

Hosting Blog:
Taste of Pearl City

Theme: Weekly Event to Encourage New Cooks

Event Start Date: now
Event Deadline: every Friday

* For beginners
* With less ingredients
* With minimum amount of time spent

Your recipe doesn't have to fall under all these categories, if it falls under any one of the categories that's enough. I'll also explain about each category separately.

Click here to find more details

Grill or Roast

Hosting Blog:
Tinned Tomatoes 

Theme: Grill or Roast (vegetarian soup or salad)

Event Start Date: now
Event Deadline: 20 June 2011

Click here to find more details

Book Marked Recipes

Main Theme: Trying out recipes we have bookmarked (Vegetarian)
Host BlogTinned Tomatoes 
Event Start Date: now
Event Deadline: 24 June 2011
Bookmarked Recipes

jacqueline says "I am going to start this challenge every month on the last Sunday. I think Sundays are a great day to try things out. We tend to have more time, but the challenge lasts all month, until the last Friday of the next month.

You may post recipes you have bookmarked from magazines, tv programmes, websites or blogs..... Please credit the author of the recipe and ask them for permission if you are posting their recipe, most bloggers are very nice and don't mind if you ask nicely. If you have just used it for inspiration, still credit where it came from.

My blog is veggie, so please have the courtesy of only posting recipes suitable for veggies or why not suggest a veggie substitute if it is just a couple of the ingredients.

I am going to give a Linky list a go, a visual one that shows your post photos. We will see how it goes and if we all like it.

I do hope this challenge will inspire you to dip back into all those bookmarked recipes."

Click here to find more details

Its Not Madrasi

Event:Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (HLI) - Broccoli - Event Announcement
Start Date:Now
End Date: June 30

Kalyani Says "I wanted to make this idea - Healthy Lunchbox Ideas (HLI) a monthly event hosted by any of you willing bloggers out there ! The central idea to this is that each month we pick up one of the foods from the 'most-hated list' of kids menus (listed below) and convert it into healthy ideas (no deep fried!)

Looking forward to your fullest participation and hosting schedules too :)

Do drop me a line on ( momchef77[at]gmail[dot]com)

Kalyani a.k.a Mom Chef !


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