Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Healthy Cooking Challenge: Lunchbox

Event hosted by: Anamika Arun @ taste junction
Event start: 1AUG
Event end: 31AUG

Healthy Cooking Challenge - Healthy Lunchbox
(1st August - 31st August, '11)

Here’s how Healthy Cooking Challenge(HCC) works:
  • Post your recipe on your blog during the event’ schedule dates.
  • Old entries which are re posted during the event schedule dates are allowed.
  • Only vegetarian recipes please , though use of eggs is ok.
  • No deep fried recipes please.
  • You must provide a link to this event announcement page and to Smita'a announcemet page
  • I would appreciate if you use the above logo for your post,It helps to spread the word , though it is not mandatory.
  • The round up of the events will be posted on both Smita's and my blog.
Make a meal suitable to the theme of month and send an email with the subject - HCC: Lunchbox, to the e-mail ID - mytastejunction@gmail.com,  with the following details:
  • Your name-
  • Blog's name- 
  • Name of the recipe-
  • Link to your post-
  • Picture of the recipe-
Also wanted to let you know that HCC is open for hosting, so any of you eager to join this Healthy chain, simply write to Smita at - mytastytreats1@gmail.com.

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