Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Herbs and Flowers: Basil"

Event Hosted by: Reva at Kaarasaaram 
End date: August 15th.
This herb speaks volumes of Italian cuisine.... lovely distinct flavour and the aroma is just wonderful....Here are some guidelines:

1.Cook and blog about a dish which features basil. If you can't find fresh basil, use dried ones. Remember "Basil" has to be the main ingredient and not like garnish.

2. Both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes accepted.

3.Although this series is about recipes, you are welcome to share the following : growing basil, tips on freezing or storing them, non-culinary uses that have been tried and tested by you like cosmetic uses , home remedies, crafts etc. you can also share some interesting facts about basil.

4.Link your post to this announcement page and PJ's announcement page :http://seduceyourtastebuds.blogspot.com/p/herbs-flowers-hosting-schedule.html 

5.Please kindly include the logo which helps spread the word.

6.Send in as many entries as you wish. Archives are welcome...just link it with this announcement page and PJ's announcement page.

7.Last date for sending the recipes is August 15th 2011.

8.Send in your entries to kaarasaaram@yahoo.com with "Herbs and Flowers:Basil" in the subject line  with the following details:

        Your name and blog name
         Recipe and Url
         Picture of the dish [please resize your images to 500pixels]
9.Non blogger are welcome to participate. Send your recipes to the above email id and I will post it for you in my blog.
So my dear friends, do send me all your lovely recipes and make this event a grand success. I am really looking foward for all your support and encouragement :))

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