Friday, July 1, 2011

Event Announcement - Healthy Lunchbox Ideas-Paneer

 of "My experiments with food" is guest hosting this event for the month of july 2011 and the theme for the month is Paneer.
Event start: July 1
Event End: July 31

The rules for the excited participants are as follows:
Any entries you post within that period can be sent in.....archived posts are accepted too, as long as you link back to this announcement, the original announcement and include the logo in the post.
A link back to Kalyani's announcement, this announcement, and the use of the logo are mandatory.
Since we are talking healthy food, let's say NO to deep fried stuff.....though stir fried/grilled food is welcome.
Only vegetarian entries, please.....though I will accept eggs in baking.
Well, that's about grab some paneer and whatever else it is that you need to create magic in the kitchen and drop a mail at Please include HLI-Paneer in the subject line.

Click here to go to the announcements page

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